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Registration Fees

Registration renewals can be paid online!

You can pay your license renewal online here.

How are the fees calculated?

Prices for registrations are determined by Wyoming State Statutes, so a vehicle will cost the same amount to register regardless of where in Wyoming the registration is issued. However, the county that collects the registration fees is responsible for distributing the money to other parts of the county. Registration fees are broken down into two parts: County fee and State Fee.

County fees are calculated using the formula below:

    (Factory Price) X (Year of Service Rate) X (.03) = County Fee

You may also use the online estimator provided by the Wyoming County Treasurer's Association. Click here.

The year of service rate is determined as follows:

  • 1st year: 60%
  • 2nd year: 50%
  • 3rd year: 40%
  • 4th year: 30%
  • 5th year: 20%
  • 6th year and above: 15%

For example: A new vehicle is in its first year of service so it is taxed at a rate of 60% whereas a used vehicle in its second year of service would be taxed at a rate of 50%, and so on. The calculation for a used vehicle in its third year of service with a factory price of $20,000 would be:

    ($20000) X (40%) X (.03) = $240.00

The state fee depends on the vehicle type:

  • Passenger Vehicles = $15.00
  • Trucks & trailers = $2.00 - $60.00 depending on weight (see below)
  • Motorcycles = $12.00
  • Commercial Vehicles = $80.00 - $1,400.00 depending on weight
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