Platte County Sheriff's Office

The Platte County Sheriff's Office is dedicated to the protection of the people of Platte County and the professional enforcement of local, state, and federal laws. In accomplishing our mission the men and women of the Sheriff's Office, who are themselves members of the community, will provide prompt and efficient response to those they serve. The Platte County Sheriff's Office values public trust and the confidence of our citizens. The Sheriff is the Chief Executive and Administrator of the Sheriff's Office. He oversees the Patrol Division, the Detention Division and the Communication Division. The Platte County Sheriff serves as an elected official, with a four year term.

The Platte County Sheriff:

  1. Is elected by the citizens of the County and serves a four-year term.
  2. Appoints an Undersheriff and Deputy Sheriffs.
  3. Is custodian of jail and prisoners; as well as all records.
  4. Serves and executes all processes, writs, precepts, and orders issued by any court of record in the County or other lawful authority in all criminal and civil cases.
  5. Preserves peace and enforces all State Statutes and County Resolutions.
  6. Keeps cashbook, receipts, and collects fees. Pay and account for all monies, which come into the office, as provided by law.
  7. Has Law Enforcement jurisdiction throughout the entire County.
  8. Is responsible for search and rescue operations within the County.


The Administration Section consists of one full time administrative secretary- Diane Bacon and a full-time records person- Cassidy Kirlin. The secretaries/records handle all correspondence, accounts payable and receivable, payroll, civil process, abandoned vehicles, compile and maintain records and files, monthly and yearly reports, personnel files, etc.

The Patrol Division consists of Undersheriff Grady Winders, nine Deputy Sheriffs - William Kirlin, John Matthews, Anthony Krotz, Roy Orr, Carlton Duncan, David "Wes" Thomas, Joshua Fellows, Mat Kelly and Ward McConahay. Undersheriff Winders is our School Resource Officer and is busy with DARE classes in Guernsey, Glendo and Chugwater. Patrol duties consist of patrolling the county, answering requests for assistance calls from the public, investigating crimes, serving civil process, enforcing state statutes, serving arrest warrants, and writing reports.

The Detention Division consists of Administrator Captain David Russell, 14 Detention Deputies and three part-time deputies. Their duties consist of taking care of all prisoners incarcerated, transporting prisoners, extraditions of prisoners, and providing a safe and secure detention center. We also have one maintenance person and three kitchen workers.

The Communication Division consists of Supervisor Cymbra Hobbs and six Dispatchers - Deborrah Banish, Jamie Long, Mariah Matthews, Tiffany Willadsen, Rebecca Denny and Meraina McGuire. The Communication Division dispatches for all city and county law enforcement agencies, as well as all fire and ambulance services in the county. Some other duties consist of answering all 911 calls, maintaining active warrant files, answering phones, giving road reports and files, and providing registration and Driver's License information at Law Enforcement Officer's request, etc.

Concealed Weapon Permits

If you would like to obtain a concealed firearm permit, it is important that you know the rules before applying.
These rules are subject to change. Please read the Concealed Firearm Permit Requirements to find out what is required before submitting your application.

If you are in need of a Firearms Safety Instructors Class in order to obtain your Concealed Weapons Permit please go to: Wyoming Game and Fish

Mailing Address

The mailing address for the Platte County Sheriff's Office is 850 Maple St, Wheatland WY 82201.

Careers In Law Enforcement

Are you looking for a career in Law Enforcement? Do you want to make a difference? The Platte County Sheriff’s Office is a great place to start and grow.

You may pick up an application by stopping by the Sheriff's Office or by downloading an application off of this website.

We offer competitive pay, health benefits, a flex plan, paid sick leave and vacation, and retirement packages. Invest in your future!

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