Platte County Planning & Zoning

Platte County Planning & Zoning Fees

Zoning Certificates
Zoning Certificate for Construction or Location of Each Structure 0.1% of cost of construction or cost of structure (minimum fee of $10.00)
Zoning Certificate for Initiation of Use/Project, not involving Structure0.1% of cost of project (minimum fee of $10.00)
Request for Extension of Zoning Certificate
First $10.00
Additional $20.00
Address Application
Included in Zoning Certificate if fee equals or exceeds $50.00 $50.00
Other Fees
Encroachment License $100.00
Special Permit to Rezone $200.00
Special Use Permit $200.00
Variance Request $100.00
Simple Subdivision $100.00
Subdivision, per Statute plus $100.00

For further fee information, please see Resolution Adopting Fees.