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County Engineer's Office

Hal H. Hutchinson


The Engineers office makes recommendations to the County Commission relative to the design and review of infrastructure projects including: road, bridge, pathway, miscellaneous building projects and floodplain management. The County Engineer coordinates work conducted in the County owned right of way, and works in cooperation with the Planning & Zoning office, Road and Bridge, and facility operators.

Upcoming Projects

Pioneer Road

Grant funds will be used on 4.6 miles of Pioneer Road. Pioneer Road is an arterial road that runs south from Slater Road to Hellbaum Road in southern Platte County. Pioneer Road, in previous years, was used by local farms and ranches. Within the last year traffic has increased dramatically and is expected to be the primary road for two gravel pits, several oil and gas sites and three wind generating companies. Pioneer Road is expected to be the hardest hit of any Platte County road.

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