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Platte County Emergency Management

Terry Stevenson
Emergency Management Coordinator


We will be looking to train Red Cross volunteers this winter. Please contact Terry at for more information.

Road and Travel Information

Phone: 1-800-WYO-ROAD
Local: 322-2140

Platte County faces many hazards every year. Some are natural causes while some are manmade, like hazardous material spills and terrorism. Each year the Local Emergency Planning Committee meets to review these hazards and plan for major events. The disasters are rated on frequency, magnitude, warning time and severity. They look at lives affected and property damage potential. We then develop plans that involve response and mitigation to these hazards. Our next step is to exercise these plans and make changes as needed.

Planning and preparing for these disasters results in saving lives and reducing damage to property. If you would like to know more and how you can help, please contact my office. The citizens of Platte County are famous for taking care of themselves and helping others. It is a pleasure to serve you.

The hazards we face, based on the criteria considered are:

Tornado Hazmat Fixed
Winter Storm Power Failure
Blizzards Extreme Cold
Wildfire Dam Failure
Hail Storm Flood
Hazmat Transportation Urban Fire
Ground Transportation Accidents Drought
Air Transportation Accidents Windstorm
Earthquake/Landslides Terrorism
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