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Cold Weather

Exposure to the elements in extreme cold temperatures and cold wind chill temperatures can lead to frostbite and even death in a relatively short period if you are not protected from the cold.

Stay inside in a warm shelter if possible. If you must go outside, make sure to wear several layers of warm clothing, cover your head with a warm hat and your hands with warm gloves or mittens. Most body heat is lost through your head, hands and feet if they are not adequately protected from the cold temperatures and cold wind chills.

If you become stranded outside in your vehicle, REMAIN IN THE VEHICLE until help arrives. Carry extra blankets, a cell phone, food and a first aid kit in your vehicle. If you are stranded in your vehicle keep warm by starting the vehicle every hour or two for a few minutes and make sure windows are open a crack to avoid carbon monoxide fumes from building up in your vehicle.

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