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Title Information

The Front of a Wyoming TitleThe back of a Wyoming Title

Motor Vehicle Titles play a very important role in the County Clerk's Office. We issue Certificates of Title more frequently than any other service we provide to the public. The County Clerk's Office issues each Certificate of Title in accordance with Wyoming State Statutes. We work hand in hand with the Wyoming Department of Transportation to make sure titles are done accurately and according to the law. Below is a list of documents required by the County Clerk's Office to get a Wyoming Certificate of Title.

Note: Before any motor vehicle title may be transferred, sales tax must be paid to the Platte County Treasurer.

Rules for a Wyoming Title

  • According to Wyoming Law, all Wyoming Titles must be signed and notarized by each person named as "owner" on the front of the title
  • Before a title is notarized, the name of the purchaser must be written in on the back of the title. It is against the law to notarize an open title. This prevents the title from being stolen and transferred after it has been signed
  • All liens on the title must be released or accompanied by a Termination Statement (lien release) before the title can be transferred