Required Documents

Documents Required for a Certificate of Title:

  1. Prior Wyoming Title, Out-of-State Title, or Manufacturer's Statement of Origin (MSO)
  2. Chain of ownership must be shown by a properly signed, notarized title and/or by a dealer re-assignment form(s)
  3. VIN inspection form (if needed, see VIN Inspections)
  4. If your vehicle is financed, a Security Agreement, Financing Statement, or Conditional Sales Contract must accompany the title paperwork
  5. Termination Statement (lien release) for any open liens still on the previous title
  6. Please see Fees for fee information about the services provided by this office
  7. Please refer to the drop down menus as to title requirements for specific vehicles.

Note: A rule of thumb for buying vehicles from a dealership is to bring to our office everything the dealership provides when a vehicle is purchased. This is especially true for vehicles bought in another state. It is better to have too much paperwork than not enough!