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Branded Titles

  • The most common title brands include "Salvage", "Rebuilt", and "Salvage RR"
    • The brand "Salvage" means the vehicle has had considerable damage and the vehicle has been declared a total loss, or repairs to the vehicle exceed 75% of the declared value
    • The brand "Rebuilt" means the vehicle has been previously branded "Salvage" but has been rebuilt and has been issued a "Rebuilt" decal (see below)
    • The brand "Salvage RR" referes to an out-of-state title which had been branded "Salvage" in the other state and has now been transferred into Wyoming. "Salvage RR" vehicles may not be licensed in Wyoming until the vehicle has been through Wyoming's rebuilt process (see below)
  • Rules for a Salvage title:
    • Owner(s) or insurance company shall prodvide our office with a properly endorsed title and Application for a Title Branded "Salvage"
    • Title must be accompanied by a letter from an insurance company declaring the vehicle a total loss or that repairs exceed 75% of the vehicles value
  • Rules for a Rebuilt title:
    • If not already done, owners must first get a Wyoming title branded "Salvage" or "Salvage RR"
    • Make an application to the Department of Transportation (application for rebuilt decal can be obtained in this office or from WYDOT) and follow all instructions on the application
    • Applicant is issued a rebuilt decal which is to be applied to the driver's door jamb
    • Bring "Salvage" title back to our office with a letter from WYDOT with the rebuilt decal number on it, and we will issue a "Rebuilt" title
  • Exemptions to the Wyoming Branded Titles law:
    • Vehicles older than eight years
    • Commercial vehicles
    • Although the above vehicles are exempt from going through Wyoming's rebuild process, once a vehicle has been branded, the brand must be carried forward on each subsequent title.