Fee Schedule

District Court Filing
Fees Civil Action $110.00
Modification or Re-opened $110.00
Jury Demand (12) $150.00
Jury Demand (6) $50.00
Adoption $110.00
Abatement/Objection $10.00
Probate (Estate, Guardian or Conservatorship) $150.00
Inventory/Appraisal Fee see W.S. 2-2-401
Expungement Fee $300.00
Foreign Judgment $110.00
Lower Court Appeal $85.00
Notice of Appeal or Certification to Supreme Court
Payable to District Court $85.00
Payable to Supreme Court $110.00
(Both fees collected at the time of filing)
Miscellaneous Fees
Copies - First Page $1.00
Copies - Each Additional Page $0.50
Certification $0.50
FAX Filing Fee $1.00 /page

Filing Fee for Reopened Cases: Issues not addressed in the complaint, modifications of previous orders, etc. will be considered as reopening the case. Enforcement of an existing order will not be considered as reopening the case. If you have difficulty deciding whether a filing fee is required, please call 307-322-3857.

Payment Methods

Fees may be paid by cash, check (local checks only), money order, or cashier's check. We reserve the right to refuse a payment. Make checks payable to the Clerk of District Court.